5 Tips to Glowing Skin

We think the most beautiful woman is one who is confident in her own skin! Stacey Hollands founder of Lust Mineral Cosmetics shares with you the top ways to your best skin.

You are what you eat!

Eating a healthy balanced diet along with adequate hydration will help to build healthy skin but eating a diet rich in processed foods, sugars, saturated fats, and dairy can deprive your skin of the vital nutrients needed for a healthy glow.

Avocados and nuts will provide your skin with the healthy oils it requires.

Blueberries have arguably more antioxidants than green tea and are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Consuming these tiny treats have some amazing benefits for your skin as well; for one thing, eating blueberries on the reg can give you youthful looking skin and brighten up dull or sun-damaged skin.

Water Water Water!!

Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins, it will also help hydrate the skin.

Cleanse Morning AND Night

I know what you’re thinking: So why then do I have to wash it again in the morning; I went to bed with it clean? Your skin recovers following your night cleanse, which means in the morning you have more dead skin cells to slough off. And more excess oils to remove. These can’t be rinsed away with mere water. Do you really want to put your makeup on top of dead skin cells & excess oil? Would you skip brushing your teeth in the morning because you did it before bed?

Clean Me!

Brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dead skin. For concealer and foundation brushes, I deco cleaning at least once a week to prevent a buildup of product. As these brushes are used on your face, the cleaner, the better. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month, while all others can be washed once a month. The best way to clean your brushes in a warm bowl of water with some baby shampoo as to not damage the bristles.

Skin Care Serums

We have produced skin care serums that both brighten the skin complexion and hydrates the skin massively. A Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles. Goodbye, signs of ageing!

Toxic Free Baby!!

The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her skin every day. 60 percent of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Emerging research on the sheer volume of toxic chemicals entering women’s bodies through their cosmetics brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “it hurts to be beautiful.” Research shows that women who use make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies. This is why it is ESSENTIAL you are using a toxic free makeup. Please don’t settle for “Mineral” read the ingredients and make sure that it is actually toxic free - many brands use harsh chemicals in their “mineral based” makeup. This is how Lust Mineral Cosmetics was born, in the search for a truly clean mineral makeup that actually looks amazing and lasts ALL day!