Iintroducing lust minerals

Lust Minerals was founded with a vision to prove that mineral makeup has high-performance power to change your skin, your life and leave the planet a better place. Stacey Hollands founded Lust Minerals in 2014, inspired to educate and provide clean beauty products to women worldwide after watching her father lose his battle with cancer. Stacey made it her mission to provide women with an alternative to synthetic and harmful chemical based beauty products that were available in groceries, pharmacies and beauty outlets worldwide.

“After losing my Dad to cancer at a young age, it really made me realise we don’t get a second chance and that chemicals can lead to so many health issues.”

While there were plenty of natural based products out there, few married “clean” and “high-performance” to deliver real results for women. Stacey was inspired to bring a cleaner alternative to Australian women, minimising the chemicals put onto the skin and into our bodies. After years of hard work, research, and development, Stacey went on to create global beauty brand, Lust Minerals by the time she was 25. Lust Minerals is Australia’s first all-natural mineral beauty brand that fuses clean beauty with performance and affordability.

Stacey added, “I was inspired to create an Australian clean beauty range that is both affordable and high quality. It was important that I created a range that offers real results, superior performance and is cleaner and better for our health.” Before long, Stacey had built a growing empire with 10+ employees, including Stacey’s husband (and biggest supporter from day one), James. With more than 487% growth in just one year, Lust Minerals is proof that an unwavering commitment to your vision and a passion for the industry pays off.

Sadly, Stacey’s father passed away shortly before the launch, but Stacey hopes that Lust Minerals will give him something to be proud of. Today, Lust Minerals is passionate about changing people’s lives all around the world, empowering women to control what they put on their skin and into their bodies.

Lust Minerals offers full coverage, that lasts longer, and is just as good for your skin as it is for your overall health and the environment. We hope to help you solve your skin concerns with clean beauty products that reveal a clear, glowing complexion.

At Lust Minerals, we are passionate about making a difference through our products. YOU are the reason we do what we do, and we know that there’s no need to sacrifice your health for real results.

Healthy skin, starts here.

The lust minerals story.