Cleansing Face Massager
Cleansing Face Massager
Cleansing Face Massager
Cleansing Face Massager

Cleansing Face Massager

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(7am - 10pm AEST Monday - Friday, 8am - 8:30pm AEST Saturday and 8am - 10pm AEST Sunday)

Your go-to tool to assist with 3 in 1 CLEANSING, LIFTING & FIRMING. 
The Lust Minerals Silicone Facial Brush is designed to give your skin an effective cleanse by working deep within the skin to remove and break down any bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells resulting in better product penetration. With ultra soft brush heads, this facial brush is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Designed to increase circulation resulting in brighter more smoother skin. 

- Increase Circulation 
- Smooths skin and brightens complexion
- Reduces bumps under the skin
- Decrease Puffiness 
- Decrease the appearance of lines & wrinkles 
- Support Lymphatic Drainage 
- Promoting Healthy, Brighter Skin
- Detoxifies the skin
- Removes bacteria, dirt and dead skin allowing better product penetration 


Dampen your face and apply your Lust Minerals cleanser. Dampen your massager and activate cleansing mode. Using the brush end of the massager, move the device in a circular motion around your face for up to five minutes. After using, remember to turn off your device. Follow by cleansing your skin and removing any excess product with your Lust minerals Reusable face pad. 

To keep your device clean and avoid bacteria build up, we recommend you clean your device at least twice a week using warm water and a natural soap or your Lust minerals Cleanser. 

Note - this device is to only be used with recommended Lust Minerals products. 

How do I claim a warranty issue with device?

For any warranty enquiries, please contact

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