Lust Minerals Reusable Makeup Pad - 3 Pack

Lust Minerals Reusable Makeup Pad - 3 Pack

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Our very own Reusable makeup pad.

Reusable / Recyclable / Washable / Sustainable

    • Designed to remove the need for makeup removal wipes.

    • Use just water to remove your makeup on the go.

    • Saves up to 1,000 makeup wipes per year.

    • Each pad will last up to 200 washes.

    How to use

    1. Wet your reusable makeup pad, squeeze out any excess water and remove makeup.

    2. To damp hands add a pea size of your Lust Superfood Cleansing Gel or Calming Cream Cleanser and rub hands together, massage into your face to break down any dead skin left over makeup

    3. Remove your cleanser with your damp makeup pad.

    4. Rinse thoroughly and hang somewhere to air dry.

    5. Wash with natural soap each week.


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