FAQs Golden Ticket

Can I receive multiple tickets?
Yes absolutely, one ticket will be added to each order and documented per order number. So if you place multiple orders, they will all include 1 pink ticket each!

How will the silver ticket prizes work?
We will be announcing via instagram stories when each silver ticket prize will be placed into a random order. On days throughout the month we will announce that one of our silver ticket prizes is going to be placed in a random order within that 24 hour period. 

How do I redeem the silver ticket 
The silver ticket will be placed in one lucky person's order within the 24 hours period. If you receive this ticket we suggest you contact our support team within 3 business days once your order arrives at your door. 

What happens if someone doesn't claim their prize within the time frame?
If there are any unclaimed silver tickets at the time we draw the winner of the golden ticket we will redraw those at the same time. This is why your pink ticket is so important. If you don't win a silver ticket in your order, you are still in the running to win major prizes.  

What happens if I lose my pink ticket, can I still win?
Unfortunately not, your pink ticket must be retained in order to win. We need proof of this along with your packing slip in order for you to win and claim your prize. 

If i just take a photo of my ticket, can that be an entry? Then can I throw my hard copy ticket away?  Unfortunately we do need you to keep your ticket to be eligible to claim your prize. 

How will the cash be paid?
This will be transferring the $400 via PayPal account. 

How long do we have to use the holiday to Noosa?
You will have 12 months from the date you are announced a winner to use the voucher. It is a voucher with the resort for $1,500 which will allow you to use as you please to this amount. This may include 3 nights for 4 adults or 5 nights for 2 adults as an example. 

Can I win if I live outside of Australia? How does this work with the current travel restrictions?
We have allowed 12 months expiry from the date of issue.

What happens if my order comes without a pink ticket?
We have put processes in place to ensure all orders receive pink tickets, this is highly unlikely to occur. We attach them to the orders when they are first printed and will document this to ensure that all orders do receive a pink ticket. We will also be able to check this via video footage.