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The Clean Skin Edit
The Clean Skin Edit
The Clean Skin Edit

The Clean Skin Edit

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Introducing The Clean Skin Edit.

A limited edition collection, including our newly released Rejuvenation Eye Cream & Clear + Glow Sheet Mask, our 2 most highly requested products. It's everything you need to help you achieve CLEAN, CONFIDENT & CLEAR skin. 

Bundle includes the Lust Minerals Rejuvenation Eye Cream, Clear + Glow Sheet Mask, Gua Sha & Stylish Blue Beauty Headband. 

Rejuvenation Eye Cream - A lightweight, restorative and all natural formula that includes a patented ingredient that has been scientifically tested and proven to help reduce the formation and appearance of dark circles, puffiness and improve the over health & elasticity of the skin around and under the eye area. 

Clear + Glow Sheet Mask - A natural Sheet Mask that is designed to give your skin an all over radiant glow. The Clear + Glow Sheet Mask includes a patented ingredient which has been proven to activate the production of the skin's Vitamin D receptor to improve the skin's moisture and smoothness. 

Gua Sha - Supports with stimulating blood circulation. We recommend using this to after the Sheet Mask to help the excess product work deeper into the skin for more effective results. 

Beauty Headband - A stylish accessory to elevate your beauty routine, and to help keep hair off your face. 

- Apply Clear + Glow Sheet Mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Once removed, rub in excess product into the skin and use the Gua Sha in an upwards motion to help the product work deeper into the skin. Lastly, apply the eye cream to the under eye area in an outward motion using the cooling tip to promote lymphatic drainage. Repeat 4-5 times. Sleep with product on the skin for best results, and follow with your Lust Minerals skincare routine in the AM. 

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