Winter Skincare Blog

As that crisp, cool air starts to settle in and we find ourselves switching up our wardrobe to all our best rugging up atier. It is also the time to make that skincare switch and add some winter must haves to your daily skincare routine. 

It is natural for our skin to become a little more on the dry and dehydrated side through the colder months. This is due when the humidity level outside drops. When the air outside is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly; this makes your skin feel dry and tight, and makes it look flaky. 

Another factor is our water intake, which naturally tends to drop and gets swapped for a hot cuppa, to help keep those hands nice and toastie.

It is still important to keep a mental note of remaining to keep your daily water intake to 3+Litres per day to help keep your face bright, plump & hydrated.

Winter skincare essentials all start with adding a good quality Hylauronic Acid and………… you guessed it. A face oil.

By adding a face oil which is enriched with vitamins and nourishing ingredients like our rejuvenation oil and Our extremely concentrated 97% Hyaluronic Acid serum, into your daily routine. Will help to replenish your skin and help maintain its hydration level, all whilst helping assist in keeping those fine lines and wrinkles out of our lives.

Now although you may already be using a moisturiser, now's the time we make the swap for a slightly heavier moisturizer to help lock in skin moisture and keep your complexion remaining bright, plump and Vibrant through the winter months. 

Regardless of your skin type making these simple changes are important to keeping your skin healthy and your PH levels balanced.

Which leads me to a question we get asked a lot. Why would keeping my PH balance be important? Well it sounds more complicated than it is, but, it's so our skin continues to produce the correct amount of natural oils. Having this out of balance can cause your skin to over produce oil, making it excessively oily, dry patches, a rough texture, big open pores, prone to more breakouts and blackheads. This all results in discomfort and frustration. It can also be a big cause to why your makeup may not be sitting perfectly on the skin, as it once may have. 

My Lucky last tip is all about a controversial skincare product and that is Toner.

Some Toners can be very stripping & drying for our delicate skin and cause more damage than good. Using our Rose Water infused toner (or spritz we like to call it) , like our refreshing and much loved Rose water spritz will assist in Calming and healing your skin. With added healing properties like Vitamin E and grapefruit it's no wonder this little treasure is a favorite. You can also use a little of our rose water spritz on top of your foundation to rehydrate your skin and correct the dry flaky look that can occur. A two in one product….. You can thank us later!

I'm going to leave you with one last key fact to remember in your skincare journey and that is.

Hydration is key in helping with anti aging and will assist in preventing Fine lines and wrinkles.

For more information about the process and order to apply all skincare please click here to view our skincare guide.