Lust Minerals Interviews: Organisation Queen and Mum of 2 Steph Pase AKA @Justanothermummyblog

Steph Pases’ @justanothermummyblog is the holy grail for all things organisation hacks, lifestyle and family content.

Leading a busy lifestyle coordinating her 2 beautiful daughters, creating her personal brand and daily wife/mum duties, Steph is no stranger to to-do lists, planners and prepping! 

So it was a no brainer for her to create Steph Pase Planners where she gives everyone access to the essential tools she uses to live an organised life. 

We were lucky enough to interview Steph this week and chat all things biz!


“Could you introduce yourself and tell us how it all started?“

“Hey! I'm Steph Pase, mama of 2 and wife to Ryan. I live in South Coast NSW, and I am the lady behind "Just Another Mummy Blog" and the brand Steph Pase Planners. I initially began my blog after my first daughter Harper was born because I didn't really have any mum friends and felt really alone. It all started from there!”

“ What's your top tips for starting a business in the ecommerce world?”

“Follow your passion and know your why! These things are so important not only for your overall happiness but creating your own business takes patience and persistence. By being passionate about your work, this means you will never give up.”

“How would you explain success and what does it mean to you?”

I think success can be measured differently from person to person. Some may think its money, or followers but to me it is being able to make a career out of your passion. That's real success to me.”

“What does your daily grind look like and what does it include?”

Usually my typical work day looks like this;
4:30am: Wakeup head to the gym
6am: Journal, meditate then coffee and breakfast
Get the kids ready for daycare
8:30am Drop kids off and head to work (or they come with me)
Then it's working at my warehouse! For me this usually means, emails, brand work, content creation and juggling mum life.
Then time to head home about 4:30pm to put a load of washing on, make dinner and be with the fam!”

“What's one thing you wish you knew when you started Steph Pase Planners that you know now?”

I think realising that I couldn't do the work load all on my own. Shortly after I started hiring my little team and now it's amazing. Outsourcing where you need to is life changing.”

“What is your WHY?”

“My why is helping people realise that it's not about being perfect, but having these routines and products to help you organise your time and home more effectively. I LOVE sharing all my tips and hacks to help others.”

“What was the moment that made you make the decision to start Steph Pase Planners?”

I've always loved a good planner, but hated that you always had to buy extra sections. So one day I was sitting on the couch chatting to my family and I randomly got the idea (which i thought was crazy at the time). I asked Ryan and my family what they thought, and they all told me to go for it!”

“What's your next level up? “

More products!!!”


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