'How to Break out of a Funk' - Tips from Lauren Kerr Author of Life Above Zero


Lauren Kerr is a health and wellness coach, author, wife, a lover of all things Lust Minerals and has a background in Psychology, making her the perfect person to give us the low down on self-care while explaining how to get out of a funk to make 2021 the best year yet!

Lauren chats about how anyone can find themselves in a funk - nothing has to specifically happen, and then BAM - we have a lack of energy, decreased motivation and the inability to find our spark. Here are Lauren’s top tips on how to bump the funk.


Rely on Habits

Creating habits in business, health, study and happiness can all help you continue to thrive during this low period. If these habits are already present you will find it much easier to continue to keep yourself healthy and on track. Some positive habits could include exercising at the same time everyday, listening to a podcast, eating nutritious meals and even checking in with friends and family at certain times as well. 


Often you may not be able to make sense of why you’re not feeling your best. Journaling and opening up to friends or family may help you release what is in your mind and help increase feelings of calmness. Often at times we overthink and ruminate on things, especially when we can’t make sense of them. This only makes our funk last longer, so verbalising our thoughts allows us to get these feelings out!


Sitting with your emotions

You don’t always need to go over your emotions or make sense of them, some emotions simply come and go. Sitting with them and allowing them to pass may be just a freeing as verbalisation. Rather than judging yourself, trying to justify your feelings, pushing them away or suppressing them, simply allow them to pass.

“This too shall pass”


Nutritional Support

Ensuring we have habits of healthy eating during these low times can help us feel more in control. 70% of our serotonin (the hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness) is made in our gut, so eating a healthy, well balanced diet can really uplift our mindset during these times.


Prayer or Meditation 

Prayer and meditation has the ability to promote feelings of peace and calmness. If you’re unfamiliar with these practises, there are a number of free apps and resources such as YouTube videos which can prompt you and assist you. Being still & present ties in with sitting with your emotions and allowing these to simply be.


Schedule Joy

You can cultivate happiness more often by knowing what brings you joy and ensuring you schedule that in your life. This is important in everyday life however when you’re in a funk you may want to schedule these things more regularly. Activities such as taking a bath, immersing yourself in nature, reading, dancing or anything that makes your heart feel happy.

Lauren is the author of the self-help book ‘Life Above Zero’ which gives amazing insight into our psychology and how to lead a life that we love! Check out Laurens book here.

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