Before You Speak Coffee - Interview with Jaryd Terkelsen; Co-Founder/Director

BYS is all about  transforming the functional coffee space, bringing premium instant coffee blends to help improve health, wellbeing & performance. By infusing our coffee with superfoods, each cup has amazing benefits!

Could you introduce yourselves and tell us how it all started?

Ash and I met a good 12+ years ago when we were both doing security at nightclubs back up in Townsville. At the time I was an apprentice carpenter and Ash was studying exercise science at Uni. We both ended up working in the health and fitness/sports nutrition space. We both were drinking a lot of coffee and saw a big gap in the market using coffee as the vehicle to deliver other functional ingredients to help improve health, wellbeing and performance.


Tell us about your product and why it's so successful. 

We have a range of functional coffee blends which is essentially a premium instant Colombian coffee bean, mixed with other vitamins and minerals with added benefits to help you get more out of each cup! I think it just resonates with a lot of people - we live in a convenience world and we have a solution where you can have your coffee on the go as well as get your daily dose of health benefits at the same time.


What’re your top tips for starting a business in the eCommerce world?

Know who you are selling to so your messaging is congruent with your brand and your messaging is delivering your key value props to your audience. 

Know your numbers - know your product costs, your operating costs and know what you can afford to acquire your customers at profitably to scale. Once you get clarity around your numbers, scaling becomes a lot easier. Also make sure you have your back end systems like your email flows, abandoned carts etc to help convert and get the repurchase/lifetime value of your customers up. (I use Klaviyo as my email system and its integrations and functionality with Shopify sites are amazing.)


How would you explain success and what does it mean to you?

Speaking in the context of business... success is growth. But not just in revenue, your business must be profitable too otherwise you are just looking at vanity metrics.


What does your daily grind look like and what does it include?

5 am starts. I'm at our office/warehouse by 5.30 am to train (we are lucky to have our own gym in-house). By 7 I am typically in the office to review the daily schedule and by 7.30 am it’s normally back to back meetings/strategy/call etc until 6-7 pm, before heading home and I generally wind down by reading and meditating before lights out 9-9.30pm. I prioritize sleep these days. Getting the right amount of rest increases productivity and focus so much during the day so my nighttime routine is just as important as the morning routine.


What's one thing you wish you knew when you started Beforeyouspeak that you know now?

Probably being more across numbers in all area of the business.. it was never an area I really enjoyed so I neglected it a bit early on. It's something worth putting the time in to learning or even get coaching if you need because if you know your numbers, you know what you need to scale.


What's your next level up? 

Big focus on our Cold Press Coffee RTD's! We aren't far off having an oat milk latte version ready to hit the market so launching that in Aus and a big push in the US markets also.

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